NVM is founded out of an interest in technology and its potential to challenge the frontiers of design. As more powerful technologies become increasingly available to the public, we ask: can one apply new tools while still retaining a high level of craftsmanship? In building our collection, we set out to explore the tension between the two, channeling the beauty we came to uncover.

NVM believes in exclusive, limited runs of unique, numbered pieces. Every one of our items is 3D printed, then hand finished by local artisans to ensure it stands as a true reflection of the design's original vision. We make all of our pieces in New York, centering our production around the city and its people. Our design was born out of our studio in Lower Manhattan and our pieces are printed in Midtown, then finished by our jewelers in the City's historic Diamond District. We have committed to working with a varied group of young artists and established craftsmen, collaborating with both the enduring and emerging talents of New York.